Making the DiJones vision the very thing they stand for.

The DiJones rebrand brought on significant change - a new vision and focus. This DiJones has a purpose: to stand for something, celebrate, and say things with contemporary style. This DiJones is different. This DiJones belongs to everyone.


Three additional offices, thirty-three additional staff and thirty per cent growth since 2015.

Since 2014, we've helped Cunningham's rebrand and continue to take the lead and not follow the trend. When it comes to our brand strategy, clients like Cunninghams want us to solve their problems with the most concise answers we can find. For Cunninghams, it is as much about 'what makes one feel good as it is about the result’.

After 12 short years dominating the real estate segment in Docklands Melbourne with over 60% market share, the business was faced with a changing reality - finding room to grow and expand into new areas. We created the new Lucas brand focused on the 'apartment' specialist rather than the area specialist. With a pitch that opened doors to a new broader market beyond Docklands. To this end, we created a platform for future success as Melbourne's "vertical living specialists".